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Google's favourite extension 2023

QuillBot for Chrome

To install our extension, please open this page with Google Chrome.

QuillBot for Chrome
Google's favourite extension 2023

QuillBot for Chrome

To install our extension, please open this page with Google Chrome.

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3.5M+ users


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Grammar Checker
Check Grammar

Fix grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors.


Rephrase any text with 2 free (Standard, Fluency) and 5 Premium (Formal, Simple, Creative, Expand,Shorten) modes.

Get Explanations
Get Explanations

Learn from your mistakes and improve your English.

Detect Tones
Detect Tones

Focus on your tone to improve readability.

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Write Effortlessly
Write effortlessly

Compose for any audience.

Revise Easily
Revise easily

Check your spelling and grammar.

Learn Effectively
Learn effectively

Improve your writing skills.


Unlock advanced suggestions

Write with more clarity and smooth out clunky, complicated sentences for an enhanced writing style.

Incorporate QuillBot into the writing tools you already use.

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3.5M+ users
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Marina Shapiro

October 20, 2022

Great tool. I hope it'll teach me to express myself better so I won't need it later, :)


Start typing, and Grammar Checker will underline any mistakes in red. You can accept or ignore individual suggestions or click "Fix grammar errors," and the tool will fix them all at once.
Then you can either accept the suggested grammar corrections or ignore them.
To paraphrase text, use the “Rewrite Text” button, which then rewrites the input text sentence by sentence. You can then navigate to and rewrite the next or previous sentence with the arrow buttons.
QuillBot for Chrome works across Gmail, Google Docs, LinkedIn, Outlook, Slack, Confluence, Notion, Facebook, X, and many other websites.
QuillBot for Chrome performs just as well as the web app.
The extension has a more active presence, so you can take advantage of QuillBot’s paraphrasing and grammar checking wherever you are writing.
QuillBot for Chrome can be used to paraphrase and check grammar in English, French, German, and Spanish. Once you start typing, the extension will detect the language.