Is Bestest a Word? | Meaning & Example Sentences

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“Bestest” is an adjective meaning “very best.” Although it’s technically a word, it is considered nonstandard and should therefore be avoided in professional and academic contexts.

However, it’s acceptable to use the word “bestest” in informal settings, such as when you want to affectionately emphasize that someone is your most cherished friend.

Example: Bestest in a sentence
Laura is my bestest friend in the whole wide world.
My dog is the bestest companion for long walks.
That was the bestest movie I’ve ever seen.

Is it correct to say bestest?

Grammatically speaking, saying “bestest” is incorrect. That’s because the proper superlative of “good” is “best.”

Remember, a comparative adjective expresses a higher degree of a specific attribute, while a superlative adjective indicates the highest degree of this attribute.


Comparative adjective

Superlative adjective




It’s acceptable to use the word “bestest” in informal and casual settings (e.g., conversing among friends). However, “bestest” should not be used in formal settings (e.g., writing a research paper or an email to your boss).

This is the bestest process to follow going forward.
This is the best process to follow going forward.

Words you can use instead of bestest

There are other words you can use instead of “bestest” when you want to amplify something, and the word “best” isn’t enough.




His work ethic is exemplary.


The view from the balcony is incomparable.


This is the optimal solution.


She had an outstanding performance.


The team’s skills were unmatched.

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Frequently asked questions about bestest

Is bestest a word?

Yes, “bestest” is technically a word that means “best of the best.” However, it should be avoided in formal settings, as it is considered nonstandard.

What is the meaning of bestest?

“Bestest” is used for emphasis and means “better than the best.” It’s a playful and informal way to exaggerate the word “best” (e.g., “It’s my bestest drawing yet”).

Is it okay to use the word bestest?

It’s okay to use the word “bestest” in informal settings. However, the word should be avoided in professional and academic settings. Instead, you can use “exemplary,” “outstanding, or “optimal,” depending on the context.


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