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Common Mistakes updated on  December 6, 2023 1 min read
The adverbial phrase every time is used to mean “without exception” or “whenever.” It can also be used alone as an interjection, usually expressing frustration with some repeated problem.

It should always be written as two words with a space in between. Writing everytime is a common mistake that should be avoided. The QuillBot Grammar Checker can fix errors like this automatically.

Examples: Every time or everytime in a sentence
You don’t have to ask me for permission everytime you want to change something.
You don’t have to ask me for permission every time you want to change something.

Everytime! Bill exclaimed as the car engine struggled to start.
Every time! Bill exclaimed as the car engine struggled to start.

Every single time

The phrase can also be extended by adding “single” in the middle. Every single time is a more intense version of the same phrase, putting additional emphasis on the frequency of the event being described.

Examples: Every single time in a sentence
Jane is so consistent; she turns in great work every single time.
Please set an alarm. You're late every single time.
Why do you want eat at that restaurant every single time?

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Frequently asked questions about every time or everytime

Is everytime a word?

No, “everytime” is not a word; it’s a misspelling of the two-word adverbial phrase every time.

Even though some other compounds with “every-” are written as closed compounds (e.g., “everyone,” “everyday”), you should always add a space between the two words in this case.

The QuillBot Grammar Checker will fix this and other common mistakes automatically.

What is a synonym for every time?

The adverbial phrase every time has several synonyms:

  • Whenever
  • Without exception
  • Each time

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