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A Father’s Day Message 2023 - Write Your Dad the Perfect Letter

Writing updated on  May 31, 2024 9 min read
Wondering how to write a stellar Father's Day message? You can do better than just a card this year. Step it up and write a full-blown Father’s Day letter.

We can do better than a Happy Father’s Day card this year. Let’s step up our game, and write a full-blown Father’s Day letter.

Why not shower your father with some authentic and heartwarming Happy Father’s Day messages? Let him know how much you care. We'll show you how– with examples.


There will be no Father’s Day text messages this year. 2023 is all about the long-form letter (and yeah, sure, emails count). Getting started is the hardest part, which is lucky for you, because online paraphrasing tools are here to help you with that initial push.

The tools automatically paraphrase your original sentence using new structure and word choice. Then, you can quickly examine multiple versions of your message until you find exactly what you're trying to say. (I even used it to produce that last sentence. Worked like a charm, right?)

Just make sure your original sentence uses decent grammar before using the paraphrasing tool, or it’ll have no idea what you’re trying to say. Garbage in; garbage out. Thankfully, QuillBot also has a grammar checker, and using both of these tools hand in hand will make you unstoppable in your quest to produce the perfect Father’s Day letter.

At the end of the day, if you misspell your father’s name, he’ll still love you. So let’s not fret about that part, and get straight to the crucial bit: What to say?


If you address him by a specific nickname that only you have given him, with a personalized reference that only you and he would understand, then you’ll have his attention! He’ll immediately sense your thoughtfulness and affection, and that this Father’s Day greeting is just for him- and that’s what makes it special.

This year, be a Super Kid. (FoxTrot)

For example, if you’re a son with fond memories of fishing on the lake with your father, and pretending to be pirates at sea, you can open with, “Hey Captain. Still exploring out on the briny blue?”

Don’t worry if your version is as cheesy as that. In fact, the cheesier the better– it’ll probably make him laugh! Here’s a few examples for other common situations.


  • Heya, Teach. Don’t worry, I’m not typing this while driving, just like you taught me.” (If he taught you to drive.)
  • “Hello, darling. I may have forgotten your birthday, but that’s in the past! (From a wife who forgot his birthday.)
  • “Hey, Coach! Still kicking? Pun intended.” (If he taught you to play soccer.)
  • “Greetings, Master Chef! I’ve prepared you a feast of words for today. (If he taught you to cook.)

Now, we will follow the same specificity rule for the meat-and-potatoes portion of the letter. That includes sharing topics, feelings, and memories that are unique to your relationship, meaning your message will largely differ depending on who you are. We’ll cover the big three possibilities: Wife, daughter, or son?


This Father's Day, let's celebrate the wins. (CartoonStock)

Writing a Father’s Day message to your husband is easy. You’re the closest person in his life. You have a wealth of memories and laughs with him to draw upon, and you’ll only need a couple for this letter.

Begin with a brief thank you to your husband for being an uplifting spirit, a role model to your kids, and a provider for the family. Let him know that he’s done a great job so far– even if, at times, he hasn’t.

Follow up with a couple of fond memories of him doing that great job. Were you ever in distress, in need of a shoulder to cry on, and he provided it? Did you ever have a bad week, when you were sick, busy, or just moody, and he picked up your slack as a parent and didn’t say a word about it? What about all the times he surprised you with a gift, or prepared a fancy dinner, or even planned a vacation without warning?

When you speak of these memories, tell him how they made you and your children feel. Remind him of what a reassuring presence he was in your worst moments, and how excited the kids were when he took them to Disney World.


  • It’s time to thank you again for being such an amazing father to our kids, and husband of mine, for so many years now.
  • Looking back, I realized that I’ve changed a lot over the years since I met you– for the better. I knew from the start I’d fallen in love with the right man.
  • I’m not always the best mom, but you always make up for it by being an extraordinary dad. Like the time that I was sick all week, and you ____ in my place.
  • I don’t forget all the little things you do for me. Like when you bought me a ____, or brought me to ____. It reminded me that I was loved, and that you are still quite the romantic.
  • I know that you’ll keep being a great role model for our children, and the love of my life, for the rest of forever. Happy Father’s Day.

Boom. You just turned your husband into Superman.


Powers include making bad jokes and wearing socks with sandals. (Big Nate Wiki)

If recent gaming trends can teach us anything, it’s that dads really love to be their daughters' heroes. A Father’s Day message from a daughter ought to play into this.

Start by telling him that you’d never forget Father’s Day with a dad like him. Your mere acknowledgement already makes him smile.

Then open the memory jar and pour out his most heroic moments. Remember when you were five and you slipped into the deep end of the pool, and he leapt to your rescue? Or when you would jump off the steps, and he’d catch you every time?

Talk about how safe he made you feel in those moments, and why you love how he’s always looking out for you. Tell him you’d trust yourself in his care over any dad in the world.


  • Thanks for being the best dad ever. I’d never forget Father’s Day in a million years with a dad like you! You deserve a million more!
  • I know I don’t say it much, but I always feel safe with you around. You’ve always looked out for me to make sure nothing bad comes my way, and I’ve always been grateful for it. Like the time that you ___, or when I was ____, and you ____.
  • “Thank you for everything, Dad, and Happy Father’s Day. Love you forever.

He’ll eat that right up.


Like father, like son....or not. (FoxTrot)

As his son, your father has a tendency to see himself in you. As if rewriting his own youth, he wants you to avoid the mistakes that he made growing up, and has an undying desire for, and belief in, your potential. Little gives him greater pride than seeing you thrive.

Start with a couple of childhood memories about when he helped you succeed, like when he took you to the skating rink for the first time, or taught you how to ride a bike. Reminisce about all of the times you fell down and wanted to quit, while he forced you to get back up and try again. Describe the pride you felt when you finally took those training wheels off and never fell again.

Then you can transition into some of your later, larger successes in life. Remember when you won that soccer tournament over the team that dominated you at the start of the season? Or when you nailed your first job, and didn’t quit despite how hard it was in the beginning?

The idea is to take your dad on a brief journey through your life up until this point, and tell him why his discipline, encouragement, and shining example have shaped you into the resilient and upstanding man you are today.


  • Thank you for being the one person who believed in me more than myself, and gave me the confidence I needed when it mattered most.
  • You’ve always struck a balance between giving me freedom, while also giving me the kick I needed to get to work, when I was either too lazy or too nervous.
  • When I got my first job, I remembered how much you’d inspired me as a kid, and so I persevered even when it was hard to do so. My career wouldn’t be where it is today if it wasn’t for that.
  • Thank you for raising me to be even half the man that you are. Happy Father’s Day.

That’s the sort of thing that makes a grown man cry.


No better day for corny jokes than Father’s Day, right? If you’d like to spruce up your letter with a little humor, say something like this to make your dad (or husband) laugh out loud.


  • Happy Father’s Day, old man! Can you still read this message, or have your eyes finally given out?
  • Dad, you’re just like my favourite superheroes. Thor, Spiderman, then you. Minus the abs, of course.
  • Only three things have ever made me cry: Death, Titanic, and the smell of your work socks. That’s an achievement in my book.
  • There’s only one man who is more handsome than my husband when he was young, and that’s my husband now.
  • Dad, another ten years of living at home, and I promise I’ll pay you back for dinner.

If you ask me, the best thing to do is to take all of his own cheesy jokes and throw them back at him- but only you would know what those are.


If you’re short on time, here are some of the key points to remember before writing your top-of-the-line Father’s Day message, while addressing some of your common concerns.

Starting is the hardest part. (SpongeBob SquarePants)

How do I write a letter for Father’s Day?

By hopping on Gmail and writing him a real, thoughtful message. Not a one line text message. Showing just a little effort this way will make a lasting impression.

If you fear that you’re not a good enough writer for this, use QuillBot’s paraphraser and grammar checker to help. These tools provide the support you need to generate and refine your stellar ideas.

How do I thank my dad?

By mentioning specific examples of great things he’s done and how they made you feel, and by playing up the great things that you’ve done as a consequence. Nothing would make him more proud.

How do I express my love to my dad?

By putting your differences and resentment aside, apologizing for your own mistakes first, highlighting your favourite things about him, and reasserting your unconditional love for him. This is a day for optimism and encouragement of your father, which will spur him to be an even better dad in the future.

What do I write in a father’s day letter?

Things that are particular to your relationship with the man. Reflect on certain memories that are special to you as his wife, son, daughter, or companion. Sprinkle them alongside some personalized dad jokes and you’ll really make his day.

To whomever you address this year’s Father’s Day message, remember that being a father is likely the most important and meaningful part of that man’s life. Even if your relationship with your husband or father is strained at the moment, remember to share some love with him this year. Your words will affect him more than you know.


Paige Pfeifer

Paige teaches QuillBot writers about grammar rules and writing conventions. She has a BA in English, which she received by reading and writing a lot of fiction. That is all she knows how to do.

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