QuillBot Product Updates: July 2023

QuillBot Tools updated on  December 11, 2023 1 min read

Another month, another newsletter in your inbox. Wait…you’re not subscribed to QuillBot’s emails? That’s okay—we’ll recap the product updates here. In the meantime, signup to receive our monthly newsletter:

Account Details > Preferences > Communications > ON.

QuillBot Flow: Drive to QuillBot

Simplify your writing process by importing documents straight from Google Drive to the QuillBot Flow. Make sure the file you’re opening is public, click “Upload File” > “Google Docs (URL)”, and paste the link into the box.

Plagiarism Checker, rewritten

Our Plagiarism Checker can now detect certain paraphrases, going above and beyond simply recognizing word-for-word plagiarism. When it comes to academic dishonesty, accidental or otherwise, it’s always better safe than sorry.

QuillBot for Chrome: emails with extension

Writing emails has never been easier with QuillBot for Chrome’s autocomplete feature for Gmail. Premium users can generate text, receive real-time sentence suggestions, and draft a complete email at the click of a button.

Subscribe to study

QuillBot is part of Course Hero’s new Hero Trio subscription plan. For as little as $11.95/month, you can get access to QuillBot Premium, Course Hero Premier, and SymboLab Pro.

While you’re testing out the new updates, we recommend playing around with the QuillBot Flow and getting reacquainted with the tool before school starts up again.

Happy writing!


Paige Pfeifer

Paige teaches QuillBot writers about grammar rules and writing conventions. She has a BA in English, which she received by reading and writing a lot of fiction. That is all she knows how to do.

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