Subordinating Conjunctions | Examples & List

A subordinating conjunction introduces a dependent clause in order to link it to an independent clause.

Subordinating conjunctions express a variety of meanings, and they often comprise more than one word.

Meaning Subordinating conjunction examples
Condition I’ll do the report for you as long as you help me with the proposal.
Time He only suggested it after I mentioned it at the meeting.
Purpose Put your keys in your bag now so that you don’t forget them.
Place We can meet wherever it is most convenient for you.
Contrast Despite the fact that I reminded her twice, she still forgot my book.

Subordinating conjunctions are also sometimes called subordinate conjunctions or subordinators.

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Coordinating Conjunctions | Examples, Meaning & List

A coordinating conjunction is a type of conjunction used to connect two words, phrases or clauses that are grammatically equal. There are seven coordinating conjunctions in the English language. You can remember these using the mnemonic FANBOYS: “for,” “and,” “nor,” “but,” “or,” “yet,” and “so.”

These words can have other functions, but “and,” “but,” and “or” are mainly used as coordinating conjunctions.

Coordinating conjunctions indicate the relationship between the elements they connect, such as addition (“and”), contrast (“but”), choice (“or”), and result (“so”).

Knowing about coordinating conjunctions helps us to use commas correctly.

Coordinating conjunction examples
He doesn’t like fish and chips.

The film was good but very long.

Do you want still or sparkling water?

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Correlative Conjunctions | Examples, List & Definition

Correlative conjunctions are pairs of conjunctions that are used to show the relationship between two words, phrases, or clauses (e.g., “both rain and snow”).

Correlative conjunctions join two grammatically equal parts of a sentence (i.e., two words, phrases, or clauses).

Correlative conjunction examples
Tobin will compete in both swimming and biking.

You can either go to the store with me or stay home.

Neither snow nor rain will ruin our fun.

Sophie is not only a great student but also a star athlete.

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What Is a Determiner? | Definition, Types & Examples

A determiner is a word that precedes a noun and gives information about possession (e.g., “my bike”), quantity (e.g., “two thieves”), or specificity (e.g., “that book”). Determiners therefore indicate details about the noun.

Determiner examples
These socks are wet.

Vittoria lost her phone.

I found a stray kitten.

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