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What is QuillBot Flow and how does it work?

Paraphrase, summarize, research, and more with one tool that supercharges your writing workflow with built-in grammar checking and citations.

Research effortlessly

Search the Web

Scan already summarized search results, allowing you to work faster

Cite Automatically

Insert web content and have it cited automatically

Complete your work faster


Paraphrase with a single click while keeping all the formatting in place

Use Write Assist

Use your free personal AI assistant to complete your sentences

Avoid mistakes

Check Grammar

Let advanced AI review your text and suggest grammar corrections

Access Analytics

Keep your text within its word count and be aware of how it sounds at all times

How QuillBot Flow helps

It is a unique word processor that allows you to write and use all of QuillBot’s products without having to switch tabs, saving you time!

Besides that, you can use the research function to find and cite sources and use the AI write assist feature to help construct sentences.


The QuillBot Flow is an all-in-one writing space that combines all of QuillBot’s tools in one location, allowing you to paraphrase, summarize, create citations, and write your essay without having to shift between products.

The “Suggest Text” button is a feature that allows you to use the power of AI to generate the next sentence based on what you’ve previously written. The “Suggest Text” button is located on the bottom bar.

When you click the “Suggest Text” button, the QuillBot Flow will examine the previous text and then give you a drop-down list of suggestions for your next sentence. You can choose whichever one you think fits best and it will be automatically added to your text.

Please note that the quality of these suggestions largely depends upon the quality of the previous text you have written. Try to keep the text meaningful and provide enough contextual information.

Nope! There are options to use the other tools from the QuillBot Flow page, but that is to make the entire experience more smooth and user-friendly. All of our other tools are still available as they always have been.

Yes, you can. When you create a new project, click on the “Upload Doc” button within the editor. You can then choose the document you wish to import.

No. A citation can be either full or in-text and notates a source that the writer has used to support their argument or research. There are many styles of citations, but the most commonly used styles are APA, MLA, and Chicago citation styles. A citation says, “Hey, I didn’t know this before I read/spoke to this person, so I’m noting where the idea or information came from originally.”

Without context, a reference functions the same as a full citation. It refers to work done by other authors to support your own work. However, “References” can also refer to a specific page at the end of your work which lists all of the sources cited to support the work, IF you are working in APA format or the Author-Date system in Chicago style.

In MLA format, this page would be called a Works Cited, although those working in Author-Date Chicago style have the option to title their list of full citations either “References” or “Works Cited”. A Bibliography page is only used within the Notes and Bibliography system for Chicago style citations, just as an FYI.