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With QuillBot, you have the best free proofreading tool in your pocket, on your browser, or in Word whenever you need it.

Writing is a lot of work, and doing it well means revising and revising again. For writers with high standards in every genre and field, online proofreading is an invaluable resource—a must-have. A free online proofreader lets you stop wasting your energy worrying about endless writing mechanics and rules, which frees you up to focus on crafting an outstanding document with a clear message.

What is a proofreading tool?

Proofreading is the last step of editing before a document is published or used—your last chance to make sure your writing is as good as it can be. An automated proofreading tool offers you an excellent, convenient, and reliable way to improve your writing. It reviews the text you’ve written and corrects any spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes that are present. As a result, you can be confident that you’re communicating effectively, without errors that are likely to distract readers from your ideas.

These are just a few types of corrections that a free online proofreading tool can suggest to clean up your writing:

... To finally have answers to his questions

Double Space

When his mum finished talking to

British spelling ‘mum’ is
inconsistent with rest of text

Use similar-sounding words correctly, like their vs. they’re vs. there

Clear up confusion about words with similar meanings, like amount vs. number

Make sure nouns and verbs agree, like the dogs bark vs. the dog bark

Correct punctuation errors, like misplaced semicolons or missing commas

Rearrange sentence structures for greater clarity


How does QuillBot’s proofreading tool work?

We like to keep things simple, and using the QuillBot online proofreader is as effortless as it gets. All you need to do is go to our website and type or paste your text into the proofreader box, and immediately QuillBot will underline in red any part of it that contains an error. Click Fix All Errors, and within seconds, our powerful AI will suggest a revision that corrects every grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistake in your text.

Unlike with so many other free online writing tools, there’s no need to enter your personal information to use the QuillBot online proofreader

Using the QuillBot Chrome browser extension and QuillBot Microsoft Word extension is amazingly easy, too. Once you’ve installed the Chrome extension, which is also compatible with Microsoft Edge, it works automatically on most websites. You can use it in Google Docs as well by simply logging in.

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Who should use QuillBot’s proofreader, and what kinds of writing can it edit?

Our proofreader is for everyone!
Students and academics need proofreaders

to help them turn in exceptionally written papers, journal articles, research proposals, and dissertations.

Book authors need proofreading

for manuscripts and blurbs.

Business people often use online proofreading

to add sparkle to their marketing materials, business plans, blog posts, and manuals.


In all of these cases (and many more), proofreading software, such as an AI-powered online proofreader, is the most accessible and budget-friendly solution.

In short, you can use it to proofread everything from a tweet to a textbook. When your success depends on writing well, QuillBot’s free proofreader can assist you on mobile or desktop, and on Windows or Mac. Whether you’re writing in American, British, Australian, or Canadian English, our free online proofreading tool is ready to get to work for you. And if you prefer to do your error checking in Word or Google Docs rather than proofreading online, we offer extensions that let you enjoy the same dependable free proofreading while working in your word processor.

What other writing tools does QuillBot offer?

If you need more help beyond proofreading, you can benefit from our other tools, like our:


Free proofreading at your service

With such a practical and functional tool at hand, there’s no reason you can’t start down the path to spectacular writing today. Outsource the grammar and spelling and empower yourself to create by focusing on your ideas instead.

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QuillBot online proofreader FAQs

Submitting or publishing a piece of writing that contains errors often leads to a lower grade or damaged credibility. It can turn readers off and prevent them from understanding your message. Online proofreading tools are the most convenient way to solve this problem because they’re free or affordable, easy to use, and instant.
Yes, If English is your second or third language, our online proofreading tool can both correct errors and ensure that your word choices and sentence structure read fluently and naturally.
No. We may use the text you enter to help train our AI for better performance. We may also use information about how you use our tools to improve them. However, we don’t collect any personal information from you when you use our free online proofreading.

QuillBot’s proofreader guarantees your writing is fully polished.

Our free and easy-to-use proofreading tool gives your written work a final edit with just one click. Our proofreader is all you need to be confident in your final draft.

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