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QuillBot's free Plagiarism Checker indicates whether your text contains potential plagiarism. With Premium, you get a comprehensive report that precisely highlights areas that need to be reviewed and provides details for all matched sources.

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Real-time report and analysis

Real-time report and analysis

Quickly and accurately review all instances of plagiarized writing in your work with our comprehensive plagiarism score and report.
Clear and actionable feedback

Clear and actionable feedback

Easily understand what sections of your document are missing proper citations.
100+ languages

100+ languages

Scan text in more than 100 languages, including English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Arabic, Russian, German, Greek, Chinese, and Japanese.
Monthly scans

Monthly scans

Scan up to 100 pages per month with a Premium subscription. A single page is up to 250 words.

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QuillBot is committed to promoting and protecting academic integrity. Our Plagiarism Checker, Citation Generator and guides are built to educate students on best practices to avoid unintentional plagiarism.

Here’s the thing: even paraphrased writing needs citations. Ideas can be plagiarized just as easily as words, so if you take someone’s idea and reword it, it needs to be cited all the same. Trying to pass off someone else’s idea as your own, with fresh language, is just as unethical as ripping a quote off. Everything that did not originate in your brain needs to be accurately cited.

Our Premium subscription includes the Plagiarism Checker and so much more.


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  • Create unique summaries using custom instructions

  • Faster processing speed

  • Recommended Rewrites

  • Compare Modes

  • Tone insights

  • Paraphraser History

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Free users can scan up to 1,000 words 3 times per month, which is equal to 3,000 words per month. After those 3 scans, you will be asked to upgrade to Premium to continue checking for plagiarism.
  • You will receive 100 pages every month with your Premium subscription. Additional pages may be purchased if you need more.
  • Free users can scan up to 3,000 words per month. Every page is about 250 words, so free users can scan the equivalent of 12 pages per month.
  • If any portion of the standard 100 pages per month is not used, they will not roll over to the next billing period. Additional pages purchased will never expire unless consumed.
  • Free users can scan 3 times per month, and those scans will not roll over to the following months. You will need to upgrade to Premium or wait until the next month to continue scanning.
  • Free users will get 3 scans per month, which include up to 1,000 words per scan. They will also get a plagiarism score and a count of plagiarized sources.
  • Premium users will be able to scan up to 100 pages per month. They will get a plagiarism score, a count of plagiarized sources, details for each source, a highlighted section in the text for plagiarized and paraphrased content, a download report, and more.
Yes, as a Premium user you can purchase more pages. It's $2.45 for 25 pages, $8.95 for 100 pages, and $19.95 for 250 pages. Click here to upgrade to a Premium subscription.
We support the following textual file types: .html, .txt (UTF-8 encoded), .csv, .rtf, .xml, and .htm. We also support non-textual file types, like .pdf, .docx, .doc, .pptx, .ppt, .odt, .chm, .epub, .odp, .ppsx, .pages, .xlsx, .xls, and .tex.
  • The total number of pages that can be used for scanning will be displayed in Plagiarism Checker, and the number of pages scanned will show up in your plagiarism report.
  • For free users, the number of remaining scans will show up in your plagiarism report.
QuillBot uses this content in order to run the plagiarism report so you can access your reports in the future. QuillBot will never share your content with any third parties outside of our vendors, who are required to check for Plagiarism.
Yes, our Plagiarism Checker can scan text in 100+ languages. You get 3 scans of up to 1,000 words for free, which allows you to test and utilize the multilingual aspect of the tool.