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A first-rate spell checker can help you correct even the subtlest errors

Did you know that more than three-fourths of us think we’re great at spelling, but a lot of us are overconfident? Spelling can be tricky because it’s not always straightforward. Using the best writing tools can give you confidence that’s well founded.

What is a
spell checker?

A spell checker, sometimes referred to as spell check, a spellchecker (one word), or a spell tester, points out words you’ve misspelled when you’re writing on a computer or mobile device. It can be a standalone function or be built into or added to an existing program that you write in.

Many people use spell checkers because spelling in English is tough. These are just a few aspects of spelling that might confuse you:

Everyday, I ride a new bike.


Every day, I ride a new bike.

Homonyms are words that sound similar but have different meanings and spellings, such as desert and dessert or threw and through . It’s common to get them mixed up.

I before E except after C? Sure, unless you’re spelling science, height, caffeine, glacier, weird…and so many other words.

With typos, you may end up with words that are spelled right but don’t make sense in the sentences they appear in. For example, you might write “I fed the horse some boats” instead of “I fed the horse some oats.”

Besides these challenging aspects, people use different forms of English around the world, with various spellings. In England, you might write that someone ‘enjoyed the flavours of different cultures whilst travelling’, but in America you’d write that they “enjoyed the flavors of different cultures while traveling.” QuillBot’s free online spell check lets you choose which dialect of English you’re writing in.

In short, if you want to make sure your writing is clear to your target audience, getting a spell check online can be a big help.


How does QuillBot’s spell checker work?

QuillBot's online spell checker is powered by AI and is part of QuillBot’s overall editing function, which makes it more effective. You can paste a section of a document into the spell checker box on QuillBot’s website or just type something in that you need revised. QuillBot will review your writing and show you where any spelling errors might be lurking by underlining them in red. Then you can click the Fix All Errors button to correct your spelling.

Or, if you’re typing on another website, such as filling out a form, our browser extension is just what you need. Install it and sign in, and you’re all set! Its Grammar Checker gives you a built-in word corrector on almost any website you visit using Chrome or Edge.

For those who like to write in Word, we also offer a Word extension. Once you install the add-in and sign in, you have QuillBot functionality in Word, and it’s ready to correct your spelling anytime.

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Why use QuillBot’s spell checker?

Some writers struggle to care about correct spelling. Does it really matter if, say, a few words are not quite perfect in that work email?

It’s bad for business

42.5% of social media users said spelling and grammar errors in a social media post affected their view of a company more than any other flaw.

It makes you look careless at work

79% of bosses said they wouldn’t hire a person whose resume contained a typo

It can even affect your dating life

70% of men and more than 80% of women think poor spelling and grammar make a person less attractive.


Though articles about why spelling shouldn't matter anymore seem to be ever more frequent in major publications, most people still care. So in the meantime, you can rely on our spell checker to catch all the tricky kinds of mistakes we listed above so your reputation will stay intact (or even improve!).

And while you’re at it, you can also enjoy the other free writing tools from QuillBot.

Are there any other QuillBot writing tools?

Spelling correction is only one benefit of QuillBot. We also offer a Paraphraser, Grammar Checker, Summarizer, Citation Generator, and Plagiarism Checker to help you write your best.


Let us spell it out

for you

A quick free spell check is never out of reach, so start improving everything you write from here on out. Correct spelling can’t hurt your chances at a new job, contract, or relationship, but iffy spelling just might.

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QuillBot spell checker FAQs

Spelling correction is built into QuillBot’s functionality, so when you install our Chrome browser extension, it adds QuillBot to Google Docs, and an editing box appears in the right margin of your document. You can use it the same way you would use our website’s text box.
Some spell checkers don’t help you catch spelling errors caused by typos or misused words, but QuillBot’s spell check does because it looks at more than just each word individually. It considers the context—the subject and meaning of a sentence—along with the spelling and meaning of a word.

QuillBot's spell checker makes sure you spelled everything right.

Our free spell checker ensures your spelling is perfect. It's everything you need to master tricky words and rules.

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