Need a translator fast? You may not know 30 languages, but QuillBot does. Use our AI-powered language translator for free online.

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A Top-Tier Translator from QuillBot

Use the latest addition to our array of handy writing tools to translate text into 30+ languages.

What you can do with QuillBot’s online translator

  • Translate longer texts

  • Use a translator without ads

  • Translate text in over 30 languages

  • Edit text and cite sources at the same time with integrated writing tools

  • Enjoy completely free translation

  • Use the power of AI to translate text quickly and accurately

  • Translate online—without downloading an app

  • Translate between languages on a mobile-friendly platform

Introducing our latest writing tool—QuillBot Translator

No matter who you are or what you’re writing, if you need to use another language, QuillBot has you covered. Let’s look at a few examples of how you might use the QuillBot language translator.

Enjoying a vacation or taking a business trip to another country? You may need help communicating with the locals from time to time. Your phone doubles as a translator when you use QuillBot, and you can type in anything: a menu item, a question, or a business proposition. Instantly, you’ll have its equivalent in the target language.


For students and researchers in the global community, reading or writing in another language is a valuable skill. With QuillBot, you can understand studies written in other languages or conduct your own research in a language you don’t speak. For example, a German researcher who needs to create a questionnaire for Japanese and Korean participants can write clearly with QuillBot.

Many of us learn new languages for reasons besides travel and academic pursuits. It may be a hobby, a way to connect with new friends or family members, a shiny addition to your resume, or just part of your self-development. With QuillBot, language learners can automatically translate sentences, words, or even whole paragraphs, then compare the two languages side by side to understand sentence structure, word choice, and verb conjugation. Plus, QuillBot’s smart online translator can help make sense of mysterious idioms and other language quirks.


The total writing package

The newest resource in the QuillBot toolbox makes your writing journey more complete from start to finish. When you translate your text into English, you can use any of our other tools to make sure your grammar, spelling, punctuation, and citations are outstanding. And if you need to translate an English text into another language, QuillBot’s writing tools can help you make sure it’s well written so it translates accurately.

Whatever you’re writing, write like an expert with QuillBot.


Yes, when you use QuillBot, you can enjoy 100% free translation online with no ads.
QuillBot Translator lets you translate 5,000 characters at a time, but you can always delete a text and type in something else. Stay tuned—soon you’ll be able to upload an entire PDF or paper for translation!
Currently, it lets you translate text into 30+ languages, with more to come.
QuillBot’s online translator is powered by AI, so it learns by drawing from thousands of expertly written texts from around the world. This makes it the most accurate way to translate online.