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How Should Academia Deal with AI Writing Platforms?

February 29th, 10AM CST

Live Webinar

How To Improve Your Research and Writing with QuillBot Flow

January 11th, 10AM CT

Live Webinar

How AI Is Changing the Way We Write and Create

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We were lucky to have QuillBot Premium Access, and our research students and teaching staff had immensely benefited from it. This access made it easier for them to compose and edit their research writing so fast. They have found this software the best and most reliable.

Dr. Trupti More

Librarian, Deccan College


I've been writing blogs and articles for over four years now, and as a teacher, I've always needed something to aid or simplify my writing process. That's when I discovered QuillBot and its capabilities. It not only saves me time but also enhances my creativity.

Akshita Thakur

English Language Trainer, Shoolini University


QuillBot is a truly outstanding tool. One of the most impressive aspects is its versatility, whether you are a student, educator, or researcher. From academic papers to social media posts, QuillBot adapts to any writing style and generate high-quality content that is sure to impress.

A.P. Singh

Dept. of Biochemistry, GGD SD College


In my role as COO, efficient communication is key to success. QuillBot's Chrome extension has proven to be a valuable asset. QuillBot ensures clarity and precision in our communication, contributing to our organisational success. Highly recommended.

Aayushi Jain



Being a teacher, I have no room for errors. The tool I found most helpful was the grammar checker. It helped me avoid errors and also displayed the reason for the error. So I could avoid the mistake and tell my students the reason behind the mistake.

Meenakshi Gourishankar

University of Chester, United Kingdom


I have no words to express how much QuillBot has boosted my writing skills. The most appealing thing about it is that it does not alter the essence of my content but rather adds value to it. It is a highly effective writing tool and an absolute game-changer. QuillBot is the answer to all of my problems.

Atiksha Sharma

Content Writer, AntMyErp


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