Assignment: Logic and Structure

Reading Journal Component #7: Logic and Structure

To Do

  1. Look at how your reading selection is organized.  Which of the 10 types of rhetorical modes, discussed in this outcome, seems to be most dominant in what you read? Identify it by name, and provide 1-2 sentences explaining why you feel this is true.
  2. Many reading selections combine 2 or more of the rhetorical modes. Aside from the dominant one you just identified, find an example of at least one other rhetorical mode used in your selection. Identify it by name, and provide 1-2 sentences that show where it is used.


Worked Example

The same student we’ve been following so far writes this:

Reading Journal Component 7

“Multiple Intelligences” by Fred Medick

This article uses the mode of Division/Classification extensively. It defines a category: Multiple Intelligences. Then it divides that category into multiple pieces, and examines how each one works. It talks about the 7 categories that Dr. Howard Gardner identified, and the 4 others that people have added since then.

In addition, this essay also uses the mode of Definition. It takes something we think we know the meaning of (intelligence) and uses it in a slightly different way, one that I personally find rewarding to those of us who aren’t always book-smart. Really, each one of the types of multiple intelligences becomes a new definition for what it means to be intelligent or not.