Assignment: Reading Strategies

Journal Entry Component #2: Reading Strategies

To Do

  1. With your selected text from the reading list in front of you, scan the document.
  2. Write a paragraph about this experience. Describe what your process of scanning entails, and what you learn about the document, from this process.


Worked Example

This video demonstrates how to complete this step of the Reading Journal assignment.  Note that you STILL aren’t reading the piece yet–just scanning and getting a feel for what it contains overall.

At the end of this step, this student writes:

Reading Journal Component 2

“Multiple Intelligences” by Fred Mednick

When I was scanning this document, I focused primarily on the headings of the text, the words in bold, the table, and external links.

Just from scanning, it seems like this is going to be a balanced article about the concept of multiple intelligences. It’s got an overview section, which seems to contain history of the subject. The next two sections appear to be a Pro/Con discussion—“The appeal of multiple intelligences” and then “Some issues and problems.” I like the table of the various types of intelligences that appears about mid-way through, and am interested in the external link for exploring what my own intelligences are. It seems like the concept of emotional intelligence might have been added later, since it wasn’t on the table, but does have two extra sections about it at the end of the document. That might be important, since it’s got a lot written about it overall.