Try It: Nouns

This activity is not graded. The text fields below are purely for self-reflection; you do not need to submit anything for this assignment.


Identify the nouns in the following paragraph. Type them in the text frame below:

A pencil sketch of the now extinct giant crocodile

The giant croc Sarcosuchus imperator

Crocodiles are freakin’ amazing animals. They’ve been around for about 250 million years, and throughout this time have survived two mass extinctions, and at least twice decided to hitch up and take to the seas. Their historical diversity, and general weirdness, was vast compared to what we see in modern crocs, which are all fairly similar—visually at least. Extinct forms included both those that looked like armadillos and ate plants and those that became gigantic and streamlined for swimming out to sea. Other crocs were up to 12 meters long, and snacked on dinosaurs!


Look at this table of nouns. Type the correct plural for each word into the text frames below:

Singular Plural Singular Plural Singular Plural
caramel taco life
dump truck vertebra analysis
swatch ox focus
spy belief species
sister-in-law deer tooth


Select the correct word to complete each sentence. Determine whether the correct word is a count or a non-count noun. Type your answers in the text frame below:

  1. Much of the (equipment/computers) in our office needs updating.
  2. Several of the (equipment/computers) are being updated.
  3. Not much (luggage/bags) can be taken aboard an airplane.
  4. Most people usually travel with a couple of (luggage/bags).
  5. I get several (mail/letters) each day.
  6. Much of my (mail/letters) is ads.
  7. Your (clothing/shirts) needs washing.
  8. Your (clothing/shirts) need washing.