Practice Activities: Pronouns

Finding the Antecedent

Identify the antecedents and pronouns in the following examples:

  1. Itzel and Camila were the top ranking doubles team at OSU. They hadn’t been defeated all year.
  2. People asked Jorge to review their papers so often that he started a small editing business.
  3. Henry called his parents every week.

Antecedent Clarity

Read the following passage, then re-write it using as many pronouns as possible, while still retaining clarity.

Marina and Marina’s twin sister Adriana often fought over small things. Marina frequently took Adriana’s clothes without asking and never returned them. Adriana always ate the last piece of dessert, even if Mariana had saved it for Mariana. However, Mariana always made sure Adriana knew about the sales at Adriana’s favorite stores, and Adriana baked Mariana’s favorite cookies at least once a month.