Text: Skimming

Drawing of a person sitting in a chair, newspaper in front of his faceSkimming is used to quickly gather the most important information, or “gist.” Run your eyes over the text, noting important information. Use skimming to quickly get up to speed on a current business situation. It’s not essential to understand each word when skimming.

Skimming is covering the chapter to get some of the main ideas and a general overview of the material. It is what you do first when reading a chapter assignment. You don’t read for details at this point.

Here is how you skim a chapter:

  1. Read the first paragraph of the chapter line by line. 
  2. Next, read all the bold print headings starting at the beginning.
  3. Read the first sentence of every paragraph.
  4. Study any pictures, graphs, charts, and maps.
  5. Finally, read the last paragraph of the chapter.

As you skim, you could write down the main ideas and develop a chapter outline.