Outcome: Reading Strategies

Identify Reading Strategies for Academic Texts

Months after he was born, in 1948, Ron McCallum became blind. In this charming, moving talk, he shows how he is able to read — and celebrates the progression of clever tools and adaptive computer technologies that make it possible.

While most of us don’t have the same issues with accessing reading material that McCallum does, many of us can benefit from some of the same strategies he uses.

This section focuses on strategies to make reading a more meaningful process.  Some of these strategies incorporate technology, while others just rely on a set of practices that become stronger over time.

What You Will Learn to Do

  • identify rhetorical context of a text (purpose, author, audience)
  • identify previewing as a reading strategy
  • identify active reading as a reading strategy
  • identify summarizing as a reading strategy
  • identify reviewing as a reading strategy

The Learning Activities for this Outcome Include

  • Presentation: Rhetorical Context
  • Text: Scanning
  • Text: Skimming
  • Text: SQ3R
  • Text: High-5 Reading Strategies
  • Self Check: Reading Strategies
  • Try It: Reading Strategies