Outcome: Types of Reading Material

Identify and Differentiate Between Different Types of Texts

We love categorizing things, and defining items by their differences as much as their similarities.  Consider movie genres: when a friend asks you to go see the new horror movie, you know to expect something different than when you snuggle up for a romance with your significant other.

Movie poster for Danish version of King Kong vs. Movie poster for Gone With the Wind

We use genre to define types of writing, as well.  Knowing some of the basic differences between types of readings you’ll complete in college, will help you know what to expect from the reading before you begin.

What You Will Learn to Do

  • identify various forms of writing, from various sources
  • identify distinguishing characteristics of journalism, literature, nonfiction, and academic texts

The Learning Activities for this Outcome Include

  • Text: The Academic Style
  • Text: Distinguishing Features of Reading Types
  • Self Check: Types of Writing
  • Try It: Types of Writing