Course Schedule-What’s Due When?

Pay close attention to these important dates.  I suggest that you print this page and keep it next to your computer for frequent reference.

  • The Icebreaker Module opens 1 week prior to the start of the course, and you should start on those activities as soon as possible.
  • The discussion forums for each learning module open on the start date and close on the end date. Posts submitted after the end date will not be graded.
    • Submit your initial posts (1 post in the discussion forum) during the first 3 days that the module is open.
    • Log-on and participate in each discussion forum on at least 4 different days – spread evenly throughout the length of the module. This gives everyone in the class a chance to read and respond to posts. 
    • Try VERY hard to submit your essays/papers and your writing lab assignments on time.  Falling behind in your work is a sure enough way to do badly.  I do not want that to happen to you.
Module Assignments: Discussion Forums begin Discussion Forums end Writing Assignments
Before the course begins: Read all of the “Course Information” documents.  Complete the Icebreaker Acvtivities. Icebreaker Activities are available as of 8/21 Icebreaker Module ends on 9/4 All icebreaker activities are ungraded
Module 1: The Writing Process Discussions begin 8/28 Discussions end  9/11 9/12 DUE: Essay 1 and Writing Lab 1
 Module 2: Narrative Discussions begin 9/13 Discussions end 9/27 9/28 DUE:  Essay 2 and Writing Lab 2
 Module 3: Definition Discussions begin 9/29 Discussions end


10/17 DUE: Essay 3 and Writing Lab 3

Module 4: Research Project


Discussions begin 10/18


Discussions end 11/4


11/5 DUE: Essay 4 and Writing Lab 4

 Module 5: Argument/Persuasion Discussions begin


 Discussions end 11/21  11/22 DUE: Essay 5 and Writing Lab 5
 Module 6: Experiential (real-life) Essay Discussions begin 11/26  Discussions end  12/6 12/7 DUE: Essay 6 and Writing Lab 6
 Module 7: Culminating Activities: Best Writing/Reflections No Discussions

Writing/Reflections begin12/8

 No Discussions

Writing/Reflections End 12/12

 12/12  DUE: Culminating Activity
 Grades Submitted by Professor  12/14  All Grades due 12/14