Discussion Forum #1

This assignment requires a discussion forum.

The first activity asks you to go to the ABOUT ME discussion below and post a paragraph about yourself.  Then you will respond to at least three posts from others.  This will prepare you for the graded discussions in this course.

In a few sentences, tell the class something about yourself: include where you are from and what your major is.  Do NOT worry about making any mistakes!  This first discussion will be ungraded. When you respond to a classmate’s post try to connect with something the person said.  For example, maybe you also went to an all-girls Catholic school, or maybe your parents came to America from Bosnia.

Follow these steps:

1. Use the “Create Thread” button to submit your OWN response

2. Use the “Reply” link to respond to a few comments posted by other students. You can use the response:  “R to Jane” or “R to Professor” to identify the person.

3. Use the “Reply” link to respond to a student or two who responds to your post. You should have a total of at least THREE responses to other posts.


SUPER IMPORTANT:  Making sure you do the discussions is the easiest possible way to get a wonderful grade.  Consider this section of the course my gift to you. If you make the correct number of posts for each module, you AUTOMATICALLY earn 100 points–SO, NEVER slack off on this part of the course.