Instructions for Writing Lab


An important aspect of this course is for you to identify and correct writing weaknesses. The Writing Lab is the place where you practive and develop your writing skills.


1. You will receive various instructions for the Writing Lab.  Sometimes you will work from  ONLINE practice exercises.  You will work often from my comments/corrections on your writing, and you will discover explanations and interactions in the SafeAssign program where you submit your work to me.

2.  When you need to work more on specific problems, you will find an online grammar and usage section in your textbook.(It appears near the end of your textbook’s Table of Contents.

Grammar Practice – Interactive Quizzes

For additional grammar practice, choose the topic(s) you want to develop by taking interactive quizzes from the Guide to Grammar and Writing on the following site.

Click the link to access the site: Grammar Practice Site

3.  My goal is to individualize your Writing Labs as much as possible.  That is, if you never write sentence fragments, you won’t be working on them.  If you have problems switching back and forth from past to present tense, then you will be assigned work on that problem.