Comparison Essay Student Sample 2

Smith 1

John Smith

English 1113

Mrs. Taylor

4 April 2016

Comparison/contrast Rough Draft

Life has changed a lot since the 80’s. He didn’t have a curfew his highschool years. They just rode around blowing stuff up with fireworks, and a lot of outdoor stuff. He’d wake up every morning and feed the numerous animals at the farm. They had horses and chickens mostly.

He was able to date at any age his parents were very lenient when it came to stuff like this. He worked for a family friend making bricks during the summer when he wasn’t working with the animals. He was getting I think fifty-dollars a day when he worked making bricks. But, he mostly just played sports because his father told him if he would win at sports he would pay for whatever he needed.

He played football and baseball. He was a pitcher for the baseball team. He was really good hit homeruns and had an eighty-nine mile an hour fast ball as a teenager. They won a lot in baseball. He said he was good at football and could really hit but his team never went to divisions or anything.

He listened to Metallica and stuff of that nature. His style was leather jacket with a band t-shirt and blue jeans with boots.   This style really hasn’t changed its plain but it works. He had Mullet-like hair and thick sideburns.

Favorite holidays were Christmas and Thanksgiving because of all the food.

He could take a girl to eat and to a movie for less than fifteen dollars and gas cost like sixty cents.

I think the major difference between our generations is just the time between us. All high school is really the same no matter how long ago. Styles change but same concept. But, growing up he had to work for it to work in his house. I’m jealous of this fact my generation is really lazy when it comes to working outside. We don’t get that you have to work for what we get because a lot of people from his generation that worked for everything worked for their families and gave their kids everything they needed and wanted.

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