Assessment: Practice Quoting

Responsible academic writing involves a good deal of direct quotation from sources.  Let’s practice that now, to make sure that we’ve got the finer points figured out by the time the essay is due.

Find a quote from the original article that you think will serve you well in your Source Evaluation Essay.

  • Include an introductory “signal” phrase that cues us in on the context for the quote, and then the quote itself.  Follow this quote with a phrase or sentence in your own words that summarizes, interprets, or explains the quote in your own words.


sandwichThis 3-step process is sometimes referred to as a “quote sandwich” and is useful for every time you’d like to incorporate a quote into an academic essay you’re writing.

If you have any questions at all about using quotations in your writing, please include them in your submission.

This work is just a draft–you may choose to use it or not in the final version of your essay at your discretion.