Assignment: Personal Reflection

The previous page in this module, Reflective Learning, suggests two alternate ways of viewing our own progression in comprehension and skill development.  The last line in the document presents a task:

Use Pappas’s and Tolisano’s taxonomies of reflection to help you reflect on your learning, growth and
development as a reader, writer, and thinker in this course.

Consider questions like these as you work: Do you feel that one or both of these models speaks to your progress in this course?  Where would you have placed yourself on either scale at the beginning of the quarter?  Here, at the end of the quarter?  How might you use this same process to create writing in future courses or in your personal/professional life?

Assignment Requirements

This reflection should consist of 2–3 paragraphs of developed, edited prose.  Make clear reference to one or both of the taxonomies in your reflection.

Want to see a sample of what this submission might look like?  View 2 student samples available here (Google Doc link).