Assignment: Rhetorical Analysis: Commercial/PSA

Length: 1.5 pages, double spaced
Sources: None required. Only cite in MLA style the Web site you choose to analyze.

Rhetorical Analysis: Commercial/PSA will be the second installment of four rhetorical analyses conducted this semester in your sustained groups.

In this analysis, I would like for your group to find a commercial or public service announcement (any REAL commercial or PSA) and analyze it for the rhetorical appeals (ethos, logos, pathos). You’ll want to make a clear connection to audience (and possibly context and purpose), and you don’t want to spread yourself too thin by analyzing ALL appeals but only those that are most significant in the artifact you choose to examine.
This analysis will be 1.5 pages long, double spaced, and your argument should clearly state the “why.” What does your analysis tell us about the commercial/PSA? Why does the commercial/PSA rely on a certain appeal heavily? What impact does this have on readers?

Sample Student Essay

Sample 2 RA (.docx file)