Assignment: Group Rhetorical Analysis

Length: 1.5 pages, double spaced
Sources: None required. Only cite in MLA style the Web site you choose to analyze.

What makes an argument?

We will analyze a speech to determine whether the speech is, in fact, an argument. Alternately, it could be a rant or a collection of claims that do not build an enthymeme. The artifact will be chosen in class.

In this 1.5-page group rhetorical analysis, I would like for you to construct an argument that examines two major questions about the speech:

  1. Is this an argument? Why or why not? Use examples from the “text” (video) to support your claim. Perhaps slow down to explain how you define argument.
  2. What assumptions is the speaker making in this speech? What effect does this have on readers?

Sample Student Essays

Group RA (.doc file)

Sample 1 RA (.docx file)