Assignment: Persuasive Essay Revision Final Draft

Throughout this module you have been working on a revision of your Persuasive Essay to include additional research. Make final revisions and improvements now, as you’ve discussed with your tutor. Submit the final version of your revision here.

Persuasive Essay Revision Overview

In the Writing module, you completed an essay in which you defined a practice that could lead to enhanced success for a particular group of college students and argued for the adoption of that practice.

In this module, you will revisit that essay, expanding it to include at least 3 outside resources not already part of required reading in course, including at least 2 from the library to help illustrate and clarify the points your essay makes.

You will work with your tutors at the Enhancement Center to identify what kind of outside sources will be appropriate for your needs, and where to add source material into your essay draft.

Assignment Details

The revised essay will be 600-850 words long.  It will demonstrate a clear, supported thesis statement, strong organizational skills, and attention to proofreading and editing.

Additionally, it will incorporate 1-2 credible outside sources to help support the essay’s thesis.  These sources will be cited using MLA in-text citations and the essay will include a MLA Works Cited page.