Assignment: Prewriting

The term “college student” corrals a wide range of types of students in a single term. It stands to reason that different groups of people have different motivations for entering higher education, different goals while they are there, and different definitions of success once they graduate.

For this essay, you will select a specific category of college students, define a practice that could lead to enhanced success for that category, and argue for the adoption of that practice.

Starting from the perspective of the student group you previously identified for your topic, concentrate on the types of challenges that seem to face that particular population of students.

  1. Create a list, mind-map, or 10-minute free write that explores the challenges specific to your chosen student group, related to higher education.
  2. Circle the 2 challenges that jump out to you from this activity, that seem the most relevant or important.
  3. Do you have ideas at this point of how either of these challenges might be addressed?
    • Write a sentence or two that selects one challenge and proposes a solution for it, specific to this student population.
    • What particular benefit will come to your group of students, if they make the change you suggest?
    • The answers to these two questions will form your working thesis statement. This can change later, but will give you a focus for the next steps of the writing process.