Assignment: Specialized Reading Strategies

No matter which of the sources you selected for your Summary and Analysis Essay, it will qualify as an “online text” by the very nature of how you’re accessing it.

  • Review your selected text, both as it appears in this course and how it appears in its original publication location.
    • To access the original publication location, select the “Licenses and Attributions” link at the bottom of the page, and follow the web link to the original source.

Review the “Reading the World Wide Web” guide published by Colorado State University.

  1. How does the textbook version of the text you selected differ from its original publication appearance?
  2. Which do you find easier to read? Why?
  3. What techniques or tips from the “Reading the World Wide Web” document help you navigate your selected reading?
  4. What techniques might you apply to other online reading you’ll do in the near future?