Outcome: Sentence Structure

Critique sentence structure and variety of sentences

a note book with lines representing sentences of different lenghts.Language is made up of words, which work together to form sentences, which work together to form paragraphs. In this outcome, we’ll be focusing on sentences: how they’re made and how they behave. Sentences help us to organize our ideas—to identify which items belong together and which should be separated.

So just what is a sentence? Sentence are simply collections of words. Each sentence has a subject, an action, and punctuation. These basic building blocks work together to create endless amounts and varieties of sentences.

In this outcome, we’ll look at the different parts that work together to create sentences and at the different types of sentences that work together to create variety in your writing.

What You Will Learn to Do

  • Critique the use of common sentence structures
  • Critique the use of common sentence punctuation patterns
  • Critique passages, revising for run-on sentences
  • Critique passages, revising for sentence fragments
  • Critique the use of parallel structure