Assignment: Sustainable City: Sustainable Cities

Untimed writing assignment, 2 drafts, final draft 5 pages typed with MLA 8th ed. annotated works cited page including at least 4 research sources in addition to class resources.

In his comments on maps showing the world’s rapid urban growth, Coby Joseph outlines reasons that megacities are difficult to sustain comfortably and equitably over time:

Urban growth – particularly in megacities – can create distinct challenges including housing shortages, air pollution, congestion, and more. However, well-managed growth can help create sustainable, livable urban communities. A growing consensus is emerging around the science of people-oriented cities that are connected by sustainable transport, compact, and coordinated through effective governance. Ensuring that cities can be equitable, sustainable, and livable will be the defining challenge of the urban century.

Choose one unique challenge that your area faces in the future, and research one especially effective program or project that will help increase the area’s ability to address that one unique challenge as well as improve long-term sustainability. Document your essay with research showing that this one challenge is especially important for your area; evidence that the program or project you recommend will successfully address that challenge; and proof that the program or project will improve long-term sustainability.


“Assignment: Sustainable City: Sustainable Cities” by Christine Hutchins, Hostos Community College is licensed under CC BY 4.0