Assessment: Learning Styles

Step 1

Complete the VARK learning styles questionnaire at  After you finish, use your results and the information provided on the VARK helpsheets to complete the Learning Styles form below. I also encourage you to review the VARK FAQ.

Everyone has his or her own learning style. Gaining an understanding of various learning perferences can help you in your interactions with others, especially when working in groups!


Step 2

Complete the following questionnaire, based on your VARK results.

Learning Styles

Refer to the learning styles questionnaire you just completed. Use your results to answer the questions below.    

  1. What is your visual score?
  2. What is your aural score?
  3. What is your read/write score?
  4. What is your kinesthetic score?
  5. What does your VARK score tell you about yourself?
  6. List at least one study strategy that you can use that relates to your learning style.