Research Question Roundup Exercise



What makes a Research Questions effective or ineffective depends on a number of factors. Use this criteria to judge what makes a research question strong or weak:

Research Question Criteria

  • Is the question too broad in terms of time and scope of the issue?
  • Are there narrower topics that the question attempts to explore?
  • Is the topic arguable?
  • Is the question too biased?
  • Is the language used too general?



Below are several research questions. Rank them from “Most Effective” to “Least Effective” using the criteria above as a guide. Be certain to explain WHY you and your group are making these choices.

Research Questions


  • Has the Second Amendment lost its relevance to our society, and if so, what changes can be made within the Constitution in order to account for modern weapons and threats?
  • My question is not whether or not Jesus Christ really exists, because it is a historical fact, but, is “Jesus Christ really God?”
  • Many people around the United States today still question the process of assisted suicide and if it should be legal.
  • How do traditional Western films such as classic John Wayne movies represent American values and culture, and how do modern western films differ in their portrayals of these themes?
  • What role does outside money play in funding ISIS?
  • Why are liars so effective in running for election to our U.S. government?