Example of Cause/Effect Outline and Paragraph


I. Doing well on  paper

A. Did prewriting immediately after getting the assignment.

  1. Brainstorm

2. Outline

B. Wrote rough draft in stages

  1. Scheduled time to write a little a day

2. Kept me from waiting until the last minute

C. Multiple types of proofreading

  1. Friends read paper

2. I followed my teacher’s checklist.

D. Conclusion Sentence


Student Name

EN 0114 AB

Dr. Lancaster

1 September 2017

Writing the Right Way

        I finally made an A on my English paper, and I know I did well because I followed the writing process and did all the steps before the deadline. As soon as I got the assignment, I did my prewriting. I wrote a bubble map to help me come up with ideas. Using the bubble map, I wrote a detailed outline to give myself a clear plan to follow. After I was done prewriting, I wasted no time writing my rough draft. Because I started so early, I could write my paper in stages, instead of writing it all at one time. In fact, I scheduled one hour a day to write so I could focus easily. When I finished my rough draft, I had time to employ multiple types of proofreading. I had two friends read my paper and make suggestions. After I corrected errors my friends found, I used my teacher’s revision checklist to make my paper the best it could be. As a result of all this advance planning, my teacher said I wrote a well-developed and thoughtful essay.