Example Outline and Paragraph

Description Paragraph

I. My mom

A. Very talkative

1) Can talk to anyone

2) Always called on for help

B. Extremely loud

1) Laughs loudly

2) Sneezes and turns heads

C. Joyful

1) Always smiling

2) Always hugging people

D. Conclusion Sentence


Ashley Lancaster

EN 0114AB
Dr. Lancaster

20 April 2015

Loveable Mom

      My mom Glenda is the most eccentric and lovable person whom I know. Wherever my mom is, she is probably talking to someone. She has never met a stranger, and because of this fact, people always feel comfortable around my mother and never hesitate to ask her for help or for prayers. Along with being talkative, she is also extremely loud. Whenever she laughs, she can be heard from miles away; that is how loud she is. Her sneezes have been known to make an entire restaurant go silent as every head turns to see who made that ridiculously loud noise. Regardless of how loud she is, though, she is always joyful. I rarely, if ever, see my mom without a smile on her face. Also, she loves to hug people. She thinks that hugging brings people comfort. I love my mom for her crazy, lovable nature, and I hope that I can become more like her.