Example Process Outline and Paragraph

Process Paragraph

I. Washing a Short-Haired Dog

A. Rinsing the dog

  1. Warm Water

2. Cover All Over

B. Shampooing and Conditioning

  1. One at a time

2. Leave each on for 3-4 minutes

3. Rinse thoroughly


C. Drying the dog

  1. Use a towel to get off rest of loose hair

2. Roll with a lint roller

D. Conclusion Sentence


Student Name

EN 0114AB

Dr. Lancaster

20 September 2018

Smell-Fresh Puppy

        Washing a short-haired dog is an easy process that is necessary to keep a dog’s hair from shedding all over the house. First, the dog owner should rinse the dog thoroughly. To make the dog comfortable, the owner should make sure the water is warm, and then, the owner should make sure the entire dog is wet and ready to be washed. After the dog is rinsed carefully, the owner can begin shampooing and conditioning the dog. The shampoo should be applied and then the conditioner. Each should be rubbed into the dog’s hair meticulously for three to four minutes, and when the shampoo and conditioner have had enough time to clean the hair, the owner can rinse out the soap. After the dog is fully clean, it needs to be dried. The owner should rub the dog with a towel back and forth so that the excess hair comes off of the dog; then, even after the dog has been dried with the towel, the owner should roll the dog with a lint roller to get rid of any excess hair. When the bathing, the drying, and the rolling are completed, the owner must give the clean, fresh dog a treat, especially if the dog has been cooperative!