Letter to the Editor: Proposing a Policy using Cause/Effect

Letter to the Editor: Write an argumentative letter to the editor in which you recommend a specific policy about a current issue.

    • Read a variety of current articles in local newspapers. Decide which current issue you would like to fix through a policy change or new policy implementation.
    • Identify a specific article to reference in your letter. If the article does not contain the opposing side’s viewpoints/statements, you should access other materials or use current information to make inferences about possible opposition to your recommendation.
    • Plan your Thesis Statement. Ask yourself these questions to make sure that your thesis is solid: —Is the thesis written as a policy statement?    (contains one of the following: should, should not, must, ought to, needs) —Is the thesis written as a full sentence? —Is the thesis written in active voice? —Is the thesis written in academic voice? —Is the thesis written clearly and concisely? —Is the thesis written as a logical argument that can be reasonably opposed?
  • Plan your ideas—Possible opposition to your policy
    —Refutation of opposition
    –Factors that caused situation
    —Results of your policy


  • Draft your letter using the following organizational guide. Note: The structure for this assignment is different than a typical 5 paragraph essay.

                                                   Your letter should contain:
Introduction=Reference to specific article in which the issues was discussed*, brief description of the issue using your own ideas, Clear Thesis Statement of Policy Recommendation

Cause/Effect: Identification and explanation of factors that led to the current situation.

Proposal: Explain ways in which the implementation of your policy recommendation will improve the situation.

Refutation= Raise any major opposing ideas and explain why those arguments are invalid

Conclusion=Restate thesis statement & major points & provide statement of resonance