1.B: What Activities will be Assigned?

To achieve the SLOs posted on the previous page, here’s how the course will “flow”:

We will begin by reflecting on what we have learned about reading and writing throughout our lives, and specifically from ENGL 1301. We’ll read some articles that explain how important it is to be a “critical reader” and how writing and rhetoric are involved in this process.

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Next… we will read a few short stories, respond to them, and identify topics and issues that arise from the stories.  The topics we identify will be the basis of a RESPONSE ESSAY. From these topics and issues, we will create several research questions (Unit I).

Next… each person will choose his/her research question, conduct some research, & analyze some articles & their arguments (Unit II).

Next… based on topics, groups will form to share research and create an ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY (Unit III).

Finally… each person will choose sources from the research that was gathered for the annotated bibliography and write a PERSUASIVE ESSAY that answers the research question (Unit IV).

To achieve the SLOs posted on the previous page, what kind of writing will we be doing? 6812988187_67c39c8e5b

We will be writing READING JOURNALS that will ask you to respond to the assigned reading. Most of the time, questions and topics will be provided.

We will be writing REFLECTION JOURNALS that will ask you to consider how you read, write, and complete assignments. Basically, we’ll be examining how we learn.

We will be completing APPLICATION EXERCISES, smaller writing tasks and reviewing rules of grammar, punctuation, etc. and learning how to integrate sources effectively and ethically into our own writing.