Assignment: Media Annotation

Annotation and Media Research: Changing Education Paradigms

Select one of the four following videos to watch. As you watch the following media, cite and comment on a minimum of THREE (3) statements, or facts, or examples, or research or any combination of those from the notes you take. Then research a topic related to the video, choose a source, and create a summary of the source.

RSA Animate: Changing Education Paradigms

Marcel Dicke: Why Not Eat Insects?

Tristam Stuart: The Global Food Waste Scandal

RSA Animate: Language as a Window into Human Nature

Assignment Instructions

  1. Review the grading rubric as listed on this page.
  2. Review the following video and create an annotation of the video.  Refer to How To Write An Annotation with attention to the media section.
  3. Go to the Library and/or the Internet and research anything you want related to the assigned media’s topic.
  4. Choose a source that interests you and read it.
  5. Write a summary of the research source. Create your summary as instructed in the How To Write A Summary page.
  6. Include after your summary the source information, such as: full name of author, title, subtitle, publication date, and access information (such as the URL and date you accessed the page).
  7. Save your work and name it with your last name, first initial, underscore, and Media Annotation, example: SmithR_Media Annotation
  8. Submit your assignment.


Grading Rubric: Annotation and Media Research

Criteria Ratings Point Total: 25
Student annotates the media by citing and commenting on a minimum of 3 statements, facts, examples, research or any combination found in the video. 8 pts: Outstanding

7 pts: Above average

6 pts: Average

5 pts: Developing

0 pts: No marks

8 pts
Student creates a summary in paragraph form of the research source of their choice. 12 pts: Full marks

8 pts: Above average

6 pts: Average

0 pts: No marks

12 pts
Student submits annotation of media and summary of research on time. 5 pts: Full marks

0 pts: No marks

5 pts