Discussion: Narrative Essay—Writing Community Review

For this assignment, you will need to share your Narrative Essay draft with your writing community via the discussion. Then you will choose a peer’s essay from your writing community and conduct a review.

Assignment Instructions

Review the grading rubric for this assignment as listed on this page.

  1. Post your Narrative Essay draft to the discussion:
    1. Copy and paste your draft in a new Google Doc. If you aren’t familiar with Google Docs, try this resource by Google to assist you.
    2. Title the Google Doc with your first initial, last name, and Narrative Essay, ex. “RSmith Narrative Essay.”
    3. Set the share and edit permissions of the Google Doc to “Anyone with the link.”
    4. Copy and paste the URL address of the Google Doc into a new discussion post.
  2. Review a peer’s Narrative Essay in your writing community:
    1. Select the URL address of the peer’s essay from the discussion you want to review.
    2. Develop your response to your peer’s writing by focusing on each of these points:
      • What makes the essay memorable? What did you like best?
      • What is the meaning of the story? Why was the experience important to the audience?
      • How did the writer structure the essay? Is there a beginning (problem), a middle (complication), an end (transformation)?
      • What details may be missing and are needed for clarity?  Is there something that the writer implies but does not actually carry out in the narrative?
      • Does the essay focus on one event only? Is the topic narrowed enough to support a well-focused essay?
      • What specific places in the essay did your peer succeed in narrating a singular experience?
      • Where might the essay need cuts, adds, or reorders?
      • Using the 6+1 Traits Rubric, are there any weaknesses in the essay that stand out?
      • Using the Dartmouth Writing Program “Attending to Grammar” link, do you recognize a grammar problem with the essay? If so, where?
      • What other supportive suggestions can you identify to improve the writing?
  3. Copy and paste your response at the end of the peer’s Narrative Essay in their Google Doc.

Grading Rubric: Narrative Essay—Writing Community Review

Criteria Ratings Point Total: 10
Student chooses a peer’s essay to review 2.5 pts: Full marks

0 pts: No marks

2.5 pts
Student addresses the meaning of the story 2.5 pts: Full marks

0 pts: No marks

2.5 pts
Student addresses essay structure 2.5 pts: Full marks

0 pts: No marks

2.5 pts
Student makes supportive suggestions for

improving the essay

2.5 pts: Full marks

0 pts: No marks

2.5 pts