Outcome: Prewriting

Evaluate prewriting activities

Three red push-pins noting islands on a mapIn the previous module, we used Topic Selection to pick our ideal destination. With that in mind, we now turn to the next phase, Prewriting.

In our metaphor of the writing process as a journey, once┬áthe “destination” of a particular topic has been decided, now we can focus on the planning for the trip itself. What are our options in how to get there? What to do once we’re there? What does the desired outcome look like?

In prewriting, every option is on the table. Some will turn out to be better than others, but it’s important to surface the good with the bad so we can make that evaluation later. What looks like a kooky idea initially, might just be the right way to keep you interested and challenged while writing, and end up with a final product that exceeds the goals of the project assignment.

What You’ll Learn To Do

  • evaluate purpose and defining characteristics of prewriting
  • evaluate various prewriting strategies
  • evaluate rhetorical context for the writing task
  • evaluate the role of a working thesis statementGraphic titled Prewrite. Bullet list: Free writing, Listing, Clustering, Questioning, Dialoguing. All is in a purple circle bordered by gray arrows.