Practice Activities: Nouns

Count v. Non-Count Nouns

Read the following sentences. Choose the correct words to complete each sentence.

  1. There was (many / much) food at the event. There were (less / fewer) soups than salads and even (less / fewer) desserts.
  2. Miguel loved studying (outer space / outer spaces)—especially different (galaxy / galaxies).
  3. Arturo had too much (water / drinks) before his workout.


Compound Nouns

Read the following sentence. Are the compound nouns in each being used correctly? How would you create the plural form of each compound noun?

  1. Liam has one sister in law and one brother in law.
  2. High blood pressure can lead to multiple types of heart disease.
  3. When I was four, I was determined to be an astronaut, a fire-fighter, and a sous chef.