Outcome: Nouns

Identify the Function of Nouns and Different Noun Types


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Nouns are a diverse group of words, and they are very common in English. Nouns are a category of words defining things—people, places, items, concepts. The video below is brief introduction to them and the role they play:

Now that you’ve seen and identified some nouns, let’s get started. In this outcome we will discuss nouns and their proper function in language.

What You Will Learn to Do

  • identify functions of nouns
  • identify plural nouns
  • identify count vs. non-count nouns
  • identify compound nouns

The Learning Activities for this Outcome Include

  • Text: Function of Nouns
  • Text: Regular Plural Nouns
  • Text: Irregular Plural Nouns
  • Text: Count vs. Non-Count Nouns
  • Text: Compound Nouns
  • Self Check: Nouns
  • Try It: Nouns