Annotated Bibliography Sample 1

Smith 1

Jane Smith

ENG 1113

Mrs. Taylor

15 September 2015

Annotated Bibliography for How to Resist Freshman Fifteen

Carroll, Aaron. “Diet, Not Exercise, Is Crucial to Weight Loss.” New York Times. 18 June 2015: A3. SIRS Researcher. Web. 21 Sept. 2015.

This lengthy article does not include pictures, graphs, timelines, or audio links, but it does provide person experiences and additional websites to visit. The main argument of this article is comparing the difference of weight loss through diets or exercise. Critics argue that exercise is the number one way for someone to lose weight, and they do not understand the importance of the diet that should be involved. The article is easy to read, and it would keep the attention of most young adults that are trying to lose weight. It is written in a persuasive manner presenting facts and opinions that are trying to convince the audience that dieting is more important than the fitness and exercise.  The argument provided more information and helpful tips and stories that will be beneficial in anyone’s journey to lose weight. The personal stories presented in this article will persuade readers to understand the importance of the diet before exercise.

Davis, Linda. “The True Definition of Fat.” 53.1 (Fall 2009): p12. Artemis Literary Sources. Web. 21 Sept. 2015.

This twelve-page article includes definitions and several personal experiences. It does not include pictures, graphs, videos, or a timeline, but it is very lengthy. The main argument of this article focuses on the dietary supplements that were used and the techniques that were presented. It uses a personal experience to draw attention to the importance of the dieting aspect of weight loss. This article is written to entertain and inform the reader. This article would help someone describe the process of dieting and losing weight because it provides a personal story. The article is easy to read, and it would be appealing to most young adults that are involved in the dieting process.  This article is very informative and useful for students trying to avoid the “freshman fifteen”.

Leepson, Marc. “Physical Fitness” CQ Researcher. 6 Nov. 1992.Web. 21 Sept. 2015.

This article includes a graph, current situation events, poll results, and a chronological time line. It does not include any pictures or videos, and although it does provide several tips and health benefits, it does not refer any other websites.  The main idea of this article is based on the attention of the American population focusing on the importance of physical fitness.  Americans do not understand the importance of physical fitness, therefore, most do not take it serious. The article addresses many different areas of the population including children, high school students, young and old adults. Fitness groups, workout partners, young and active adults would be interested in this article. It is an informative article that provides the reader with the stats and information concerning why and how our fitness boom from the later years is coming to complete halt.  This article provides answers and helpful indications  of how to avoid becoming a part of the uninvolved fitness population.

Richards, Justin. “Don’t Worry, Be Happy: Cross Sectional Associations Between Physical Activity and Happiness in 15 European Countries.” 2015: 699-713. Academic Search Premier. Web. 21 Sept. 2015.

This article includes stats and personal opinions on the study of mental illnesses due to physical fitness. It does not include pictures, graphs, videos, timelines, or audio links. This article provides other areas of research, and it is fairly short. The main argument of this article is to use a data test to relate the association of happiness with physical activity volume. The influence of physical activity on mental illnesses appeared minimal. This article provides a lot of information, and it is difficult to read and comprehend. It would be useful to health critics such as doctors, physical trainers, or psychology therapists. This article is useful because it provides stats and results from recent studies due to inactive patients with illnesses. This article  is interesting because many are unaware of the importance of physical fitness. Physical fitness not only affects a person’s health but also happiness.

Williams, Brian, creator. “Can Yoga Wreck Your Body?” NBCLearn. 11 Jan. 2012. Web. 21 Sept. 2015.

This video provides insight on the topic of yoga. It shows demonstrations and interviews dealing with the positives and negatives of yoga. The main argument of this video is based on whether or not yoga is dangerous to your body. Critics argue that everything we take part in, such as love, has risks, and it is just a part of life. This article is not hard to comprehend or understand. It was captured on the news, therefore, it is probably on the average adult level. It is shown to persuade the population in either direction of choice. The intended audience for this video would be yoga participants and instructors, doctors, and surgeons. This topic has become serious, and it has led several individuals to accidents as severe as spinal surgery. This video is helpful to understand the risk involved in yoga while trying to lose weight.