Annotated Bibliography Sample 2

Smith 1

John Smith

Mrs. Taylor

English 1113

4 March 2012

Annotation Bibliography

“Torture Report.” Issues & Controversies. Infobase Learning, 6 Feb. 2015. Web. 17 Feb. 2016. <>.

This article contains a photograph of an airport in Szymany, Poland which was used to transport suspected terrorists to a secret prison operated by the CIA. It also contains a map of these locations worldwide. There are also discussion questions for further review. A report published by the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee in 2014 revealed that interrogations of CIA detainees were brutal and considered to be torture. However, supporters of these methods argued that they were justified in their methods and nothing was withheld. This torture report was written an in informational business level. Those reading this article would most likely be military or those who want to be informed about military actions. This article is important to me because I need to know the ins-and-outs of interrogations results as a criminal investigator.

Katel, peter.  “Can inner-city crime be significantly reduced?” CQResearcher. 18.6 (2008): n. pag. CQ Researcher Online. Web. 18 Feb.  2016.

This article shows a photograph of investigators examining the body of a woman shot and killed at a shopping center. There are no other charts, graphs, or further reading lists. To summarize the article, violent crime has fallen in many parts of the country, but remains high in cities. Poor inner cities are suffering the most intervening early with young men. The reading level of this article is average. It is written for the general public. It is important for me as a criminal investigator o be aware of the trends in crime.

Center for Individual Freedom (CFIF). “The Death Penalty Deters Murder.” The Ethics of Capital Punishment. Ed. Christine Watkins. Detroit: Greenhaven Press, 2011. At Issue. Rpt. from “Death Penalty Deters Future Murders, According to Remarkable New Empirical Study.” 2007. Opposing Viewpoints in Context. Web. 18 Feb. 2016.

This article provides a long list of books, magazines, and internet sources for further research on this subject. It is divided into two separate sections. Most people in society feel that bad deeds do no need to go unpunished, But is the death penalty a proper punishment for wrong doing? There is really no good answer to this question and the debate will go on for a long time. Written in a factual, informational style, this article would appeal mainly to those in law enforcement. As a criminal investigator, I need to be well- informed about opinions regarding crime and punishment.

Gass, Henry. “With Congress Voting No Gun Control, Focus Shifts to States.” Christian Science Monitor. 17 Dec. 2015: n.p. SIRS Issues Researcher. Web. 18 Feb. 2016.

There are no charts, graphs, or other visual aids accompanying this article. Buying a gun, whether for sport or self-protection, can be a long and expensive process. Tougher registration laws discourage many from even attempting to buy a gun. Gun-control supporters state that these restrictions are within the boundaries of the constitution. The NRA and other pro – gun activists claim that our constitutional lrights are being violated. This debate will more than likely continue for quite a while. This article is written on a strictly informational level. Anyone wanting to be well-informed on gun-control issues would be interested in this article. As a criminal investigator, I must be up – to – date on all things about gun control laws.

“Criminal investigator and special agent.” Choices Planner. Bridges Transitions, Inc. 2009. Web. 18 Feb. 2016.

This article has no charts, graphs, or other visual aids. In summary, the article defines the requirements needed to become a criminal investigator. This program prepares people to apply theories and practices in the criminal justice field. One must know how to work with the legal boundaries of the law as well as being a leader and budgeting for necessities. The reading level for this article is easy to understand. Only those interested in working in the field of criminal justice would benefit from reading this. As a criminal justice major, I need to know what is major; I need to know what is expected of me in my field