How to Write an Annotation

How do I write my annotation?
The annotation is a review of the article. Answer all questions below, in order and in COMPLETE SENTENCES. DO NOT USE THE WORDS “I” or “YOU.” IT INCLUDES MORE THAN JUST A SUMMARY.

VISUAL-How long is the article? Are there pictures, graphs, additional resources, audio or video links, bulleted lists, etc. for the reader? (1-2 sentences)

SUMMARY– What is the main argument or point of this article? BE CONCISE. Don’t use quotes or statistics or copy from the article. Put EVERYTHING IN YOUR OWN WORDS. Don’t use “I” or “YOU.” Be objective. (2-4 sentences ONLY)

WRITING– What is the level and/or difficulty of reading? What type of writing style does the author use? See below. (1-2 sentences) *See the list at the bottom of this page. 

AUDIENCE-Who do you think the intended audience is for this article? What makes this article useful? Make an educated guess on this. (1-2 sentences)

REFLECT-How could this article affect the reader’s way of thinking? What positive or negative aspects were brought to light after reading this article? (1-2 sentences)
Do not repeat the citation information (author, title, etc. ) in the annotation.
The annotation is double-spaced, block style, and is lined up with the hanging indention.
The annotations must be at least 150 words long but no more than 250 words (use word count), and should be written in paragraph form. Do NOT include PERSONAL OPINION that is, “The article was very good and interesting.” Do not use word for word information from the article. THAT IS PLAGIARISM. Do not use quotes or statistics from the article.
Informative Business (concise, audience specific, business like)
Persuasive Educational
Legal Formal/ Informal
Governmental Interview format
Scientific Technical (uses terms specific to the topic)
(There are many others not listed. This is only to give you an idea.)