Organizing your Process Essay

Hopefully, at this point, you have a topic in mind and have read more about this type of essay so that you feel comfortable enough to start writing. We are beginning with the basics.

For this assignment, answer the questions below about your essay topic. This information should be included in your paper.

  1. How would your reader benefit from learning your process? (This should be stated in your thesis)
  2. What tools and skills are required?
  3. What is the time duration of the process?
  4. What are the “big” steps? List below. (Need at least 3. These should be stated in your topic sentence for your body paragraph.)
  5. What are the “little” steps? List below. (These “little” steps should be discussed under each “big” step in the body paragraphs.)
  6. What problems could arise in the process?
  7. What are precautions the reader should take?

Example of Big Steps and Little Steps: (DON’T USE THIS TOPIC FOR YOUR OWN PAPER)

Topic: How to avoid gaining weight

Big Step- Set Short-term and long term goals

  • Little Steps– Consult a professional to help you determine your BMI and how much a person your height should weigh, Determine what is an achievable weight for you to reach within 6 months, work toward that short-term goal every week, Don’t think about the long-term goal of how much you wish to lose overall, once you reach your short-term goal, keep pushing forward to reach that long-term goal weight, give yourself time

Big Step- Eat Healthy

  • Little Steps- Get an app to help you track your calorie intake, Replace chips with veggie chips and fresh fruit and veggies, Avoid sugary snacks like candy bars, choose grilled chicken/fish over fried foods, eat three healthy meals a day and don’t skip meals, avoid fast food, drink lots of water and limit your soda/tea drinks, eat dark chocolate for a sweet snack

Big Step- Be Active

  • Little Steps- Take the stairs instead of the elevator, walk at the park, join a gym, get a workout partner to help hold you accountable, take classes like yoga, zumba, spin if walking on the treadmill and lifting weights isn’t your thing