Process Essay Student Sample 2

Smith 1

John Smith

English 1113

Mrs. Taylor

23 March 2013


The purpose of this essay is to teach something that everyone should know how not to get mad in an argument. Whether, it’s serious or just a little disagreement you should never just look at one side of it. Some arguments aren’t worth ruining the relationship you have with that purpose. So hopefully this can help you.

First, People argue it’s in our nature.  Everybody’s brain is wired differently. You have your own thinking process that no one else can match perfectly. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t empathize with how they are thinking. You won’t get anywhere in life if every argument you get in you just get mad and storm off. You can’t have a family, friends, or a job if you can’t understand how other people feel.

Second, during the argument calmly listen to what the other person says. You can’t even start to understand it from their perspective. Locate the key thing that made them upset. Once you’ve done this, serious or not you need to try and understand why they’re upset about it. A lot of people get mad because they feel like they aren’t understood so this can help on both sides. It shows you why they are upset, and shows them you understand how they feel. This should lighten whatever anger you have from the argument.

From there, you need to discuss everything bothering you. This is what’s really going to calm you down. For most people talking about the problems they have releases their stress and allows them to calm down. Others hate talking about their feelings it makes them feel self-conscious. They feel other person knowing about their feelings makes them weak. But, the truth is that everyone needs to release emotions. If we don’t we can never be truly happy, and this is what makes everyone mad. Human beings want to be happy more than anything else.

This is the process on how not to get angry. Just think everything through. Don’t over exaggerate. And, remember to be happy