Genre Analysis Mini-Assignment

Before you begin review “How to Use Scrible


Step #1

Select a creative work from Poetry, Short Stories, Essays, and Comics that you’d like to analyze for the Analysis essay.

Step #2

Use the Google Chrome browser and the Scrible extension that you downloaded and installed to your computer to highlight and comment on five areas of the work specific to its genre. Scrible is optional, but it is there to help you. For a video, podcast, or if you are having technical issues, simply take detailed and specific notes and upload those notes in place of your Scrible annotations.

You do not need to comment on all areas of the work following the list, but your highlighting/annotations/ notes should be thoughtful, and comment on at least five elements from the list on the work you selected.

Step #3:

After you have commented and highlighted on your chosen artifact, upload a valid link of your annotations or notes to Peergrade following instructions below.

Due (insert due date)

Step #4:

Once you have shared your work/ response comment on three other posts. Leave thoughtful commentary about areas of the work that they have done a good job of exploring, and also point out some areas of the work that they could explore further.

Due (insert due date)

Step #5:

React and Reflect

Feedback is only viewable after completing your required reviews and after the review window closes on midnight, Sunday. Once you gain access to your feedback you will then need to react and reflect to your reviews by detailing how helpful the commentary was to your rough draft.